I can’t help but think, Why couldn’t her school have been like this?

When Namine and I arrived at her dance class, all her classmates mobbed her. Choruses of “Hi Namine!” met us, and for a little while she couldn’t even wheel into the dance classroom. One of the teachers soon broke up the crowd, and all the girls went into the room to start class.

Instead of wearing pants over her dance tights, last night Jessica had the idea of giving her leg warmers instead. And boy, let me tell you, Namine was quite the talk of the evening. Every one of the girls just loved her leg warmers, and made sure to say so. Namine had smiles for miles.

Despite the slippery floor (and ballet shoes don’t help, although at least the jazz shoes have some grip), Namine held her own quite well. She even backed her walker up to get back into line all by herself, something she hadn’t really wanted to try last time.

Near the end of the class, each student got to dance by themselves for the rest of the class, to the song of their choosing. It was no surprise to me that Namine chose a song from Frozen.

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