Basketball camp, week six

Namine missed last week’s basketball camp because we were camping, but she was glad to be back.

The instructor, Jordan, was glad to have her back. When he saw us out front, he said he missed her energy and enthusiasm. And Namine certainly did not disappoint — the entire time, she was squealing and laughing and full of crazy energy. She doesn’t always listen, and she doesn’t yet understand all the rules, but she has fun. That’s the important thing, I think.

My parents and sister joined us this week. They know how fast Namine can go in her own wheelchair, but they were impressed by how much faster she can zip up and down the court in the loaner sports wheelchair Jordan reserves for her use.

Even so, the wheelchair is still too big for her. Just imagine how fast she’ll be once she gets a sports wheelchair custom fitted to her!

One of the warm-up exercises they did was wheeling backwards. Namine is getting better at it, but the back of the chair still gets in the way. Still, she does her best.

A game not directly related to basketball but which they play every week is, you’ll know by now, Sharks and Minnows. Playing the shark, Namine is still getting the hang of tagging someone — that is, letting go of her wheels while she’s still going fast — but she loves it all the same. Playing the minnow, she usually gets picked first. She still puts up a pretty good fight to get to the other side of the court, though.

Jordan also tried something new this week. He had the kids form a chain, each person hanging on to the wheelchair in front of them. The first person in each chain, then, tried to wheel across the gym.

They played a game of basketball, but I think two weeks kind of let Namine forget the rules. She didn’t really know which team she was on, so she spent her time blocking pretty much everyone and yelling “Go team! Go team!”

Jordan spent some one-on-one time with Namine, bringing out the smaller basket and letting her shoot some hoops.

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