April 2015

  • Namine’s reason

    Namine’s reason

    A number of weeks ago, Namine was seen for the second time by a neuropsychologist. We have since seen and read the report, and we are not convinced she’s correct.

  • At the pain clinic

    At the pain clinic

    That sounds rather sinister, doesn’t it? “Welcome… to my house of pain.” Not so, however. Namine simply had an appointment to discuss her headaches.

  • The problem with worksheets

    The problem with worksheets

    Namine and I did a little impromptu time-telling and math tonight.

  • Exciting news

    Exciting news

    We have some amazing, amazing news. Namine has been approved for her Make-A-Wish at Disney World!

  • Translation fun

    Translation fun

    In my efforts to get my WordPress theme on the official theme directory, I had to update the .pot file. I started out with a manual process, and eventually settled on a completely automated process (as any good developer should).

  • Weather Day at Miller Park

    Weather Day at Miller Park

    So on Thursday the three of us joined other RVA families in attending a baseball game. It was a bit cold, but we had a lot of fun.

  • Lessons in hypocrisy

    Lessons in hypocrisy

    Today was Namine’s field trip. We were excited and we had a great time, but the day got off to a bad start.

  • Book club

    Book club

    Yesterday evening Namine joined in an online book reading. Four children, herself included, read from books of their own choice.

  • Chicken soup, hold the chicken

    Chicken soup, hold the chicken

    Namine is definitely getting better, but she’s still not 100% yet. So I made her some chicken noodle soup.

  • Special Needs follow-up

    Special Needs follow-up

    Yesterday afternoon, Namine had an appointment with the Special Needs department head.

  • Another late night

    Another late night

    We went back to Urgent Care last night. Namine’s cough had changed, and we were concerned that something might have traveled to her lungs.

  • Easter bulletin board

    Easter bulletin board

    It’s been more than a week now since Easter Sunday, and I still haven’t posted about our bulletin board. That’s kind of fitting, since we didn’t even get the board up until the night before Easter.