We picked up a little blender the other day. It brought back some bittersweet memories, and we created some new ones.

When Namine was a baby — even what you’d call a toddler, though (being born with caudal regression syndrome) she couldn’t toddle — she had a trach. She needed it to breathe because she was born with a regressed jaw and partial cleft palate, because she was also born with Pierre Robin sequence.

Her unique jaw and palate also limited her ability to eat; because of the cleft palate, she could not produce suction and therefore could not drink out of a bottle. As a result, she had a g-tube as well. Most of the time, she just had her formula. But there were special exceptions.


Jessica and Namine’s nurse used to make fruit smoothies both for themselves and for Namine. She loved to taste it, but because she couldn’t drink the whole thing, they would give the rest to her in her g-tube.

Namine hasn’t needed a nurse for years now, and we haven’t had a working blender for a long time until we picked one up at a post-Christmas sale. Namine thought it was delicious.