A night in

Namine helped us get food ready for our New Year’s Eve party.

She wouldn’t be eating any of it, though — well, except for what she snacked on while helping prepare it — because she would be spending the night with my parents and sister. Jessica and I, on the other hand, were content to stay right here, watching movies and playing games.

But first, we had some food to make. And since Namine loves to help, we gave her some things to do.

Jessica showed Namine how our cheese slicer works. She had a little difficulty at first, but she got the hang of it. We made a platter of Baby Swiss, Sharp Cheddar, and Colby. Yum!

Next up were the pigs in a blanket. Jessica and I had gotten some Li’l Smokies sausages, and we wrapped them in crescent rolls. They would go into the oven later.

I baked the remainder of the crescent rolls by themselves. Jessica took some for herself and spread Nutella on them before rolling them up.

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