Namine had a follow-up to the Fontan procedure.

Hi all this is Jessica. Namine had to go see cardiology for a follow-up to the Fontan that she had done in August of 2013. She is doing phenomenally. I kept the Dr. a little longer to ask questions about dental and other things.

I asked if Namine needed to be pre-medicated before any dental procedure, and he said no. This is his reasoning, a bunch of cardiologists got together and thought that it might be a good idea for people that have heart issues to have a really high dose of antibiotics before any procedure because what if some bacteria got into the blood stream. He also said there is no evidence that this is true or false. So I said I don’t have to give her 40 milliliters and have her throw up and have massive consequences there after, and he said no.

The other thing that he said that I found really interesting is that Namine’s heart is doing so well that her body/brain can not tell that she has a heart defect. The numbers that they use to measure your heart health are where yours or mine would be. That is fantastic news and I couldn’t believe it. Both Paul and I were excited and thrilled.

It has been a long six years and I know our journey is not over, but we sure have come a long way. I am still not sure that even though Namine’s heart where it is would be able to handle the altitude in Colorado.

We don’t need to go back and see the dr until next summer. So we went from seeing him every month to every two months to every four months to every six months. Maybe we will get to the point where we only need to see him once a year.

The only bad news from the appointment was that her cardiologist is leaving for Arizona. This is the second cardiologist that has left. I hope that the third one doesn’t decide to leave. But even if he/she does we are still in good hands. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Lisa Lightner Avatar
    Lisa Lightner

    Hope you get the news you want. Kevin was officially discharged from cardiology at age 6 and I remember how relieved I was!

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