Headache followup

I’ve written before on how Namine gets headaches. We had scheduled an MRI for her a while back, and she finally had it done.

The hospital originally scheduled an MRI. The confirmation letter we received shortly before the appointment date, however, said she would receive a CT scan. Upon further investigation, it was changed because Namine still has the omega loops for the palatal prosthetic. Because they’re made of metal, they would completely distort an MRI. Thus, the change to a CT.

Getting the CT scan

Because a CT can take some time, and six year olds are not known for their impressive patience, we had thought to have Namine sedated. We even told her so, which she was okay with. (I didn’t say “thrilled,” but she accepted it, and wouldn’t fight it.)

When the moment came, though, Namine said she would hold still and that she didn’t need to be sedated. The hospital staff looked to Jessica for a decision, who said she trusted Namine. She saw no harm in letting her go it sans drugs.

The other reason we’d thought Namine would have needed an IV — other than sedation, that is — is for contrast. But little did we know at the time (as we do now) that they don’t do contrast for head CT scans.

To the surprise of the hospital staff (but not us), Namine did fine. She held perfectly still during the scan, and was done in barely ten minutes.

Getting the results

We heard back from the Special Needs doctor the other day. The news was as straightforward as could be.

There was nothing new or alarming on Namine’s CT.

At face value, this is great news. On the other hand, we’re no closer to understanding why Namine gets headaches. The next step, then, is to schedule an appointment with the headache clinic.

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