Namine had to do something for school the other day which I thought was weird. She had to practice her spelling — nothing strange about that — but she had to do it by writing in frosting on top of cupcakes.

In my opinion, writing in frosting is hard. So Jessica and I originally thought to have Namine spell the words, all of which were simple, three-letter words, by writing a single letter on a cupcake. She could then group cupcakes together to spell the words.

Remember Namine’s birthday cake? Yeah.

If Namine were older, say, like eight or ten, her reaction to the cake would probably have gone something like this:

“Like, whatever, Dad. This cake is, like, totally hideous.”

As it was, though, Namine didn’t care about the less-than-stellar writing — she loved it just the same.

We kinda went nuts with the cupcakes, though, and ended up with some rather large ones. Namine insisted on writing each word on a single cupcake, so with a little help, that’s exactly what she did.


Writing with frosting is hard, but Namine did a good job.

Namine ended up writing (if memory serves) a total of five words, each on two cupcakes. (We still had plenty left over, so I brought a bunch to work.) By the end of it, Namine had gotten the hang of writing in frosting, but she still needed a little help in squeezing out the little tube.


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