· Normal is a dryer setting.


  • Michele
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    She is so cute. Even while having blood drawn! What a witty kid!

  • Kristi
    at · Reply

    My son, Jaya who also has CRS/SA, has Chiari I Malformation. It causes bad headaches, and can be associated with Neural Tube Defects. Just a though…hope she feels better soon!

  • Kristi - Finding Ninee
    at · Reply

    Did they find anything out? Her attitude is inspiring and fabulous! I love “it’s okay, blood. it’s only a bandaid.” :)

  • Paul
    at · Reply

    @kristifindingninee:disqus Namine has had a couple blood labs done, but she has not been seen by the headache clinic. We just received a summary report from the lead doctor in the special needs department, but it’s the equivalent of a twenty-page “I dunno.”

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