For the past couple days Namine has had playdates, and she couldn’t have been happier.

A couple days ago, one of Namine’s friends got to come over. Our apartment isn’t the tidiest, but at least we managed to get the living room fairly clean beforehand. Namine’s room, on the other hand, is beyond all hope. The living room had more in common with her bedroom by the day had ended.

Playdates with friends come part and parcel with younger siblings. Not that Namine minds. She’s such a sweetheart, and she loves to involve anyone in her reading and playing, even if said someone’s involvement is limited to eating and pooping.

What’s better than reading? Reading to babies.

As Namine grows older, we see in her a reflection of ourselves. Jessica and I are not really what you’d call social people. We’d rather stick to our established circles of friends, and Namine exhibits the same behavior. She’s a little more shy than she used to be when she’s around people she doesn’t know*. But around friends, she’s loud, sometimes obnoxious, sometimes bossy. And almost always a cheater (when she thinks she can get away with it) at games.

Guess who is a little cheater? Hint: her name starts with an N and rhymes with “ominay.”

All kidding aside, though, she really is a great kid, especially considering what the so-called “experts” (you can visualize my exaggerated finger-quotes here) say about only children. Namine loves to share her toys (most of the time), and she plays nicely with other kids. Even other adults, when she isn’t telling them to leave her alone, she’s just fine, she can do it herself.

* The exception to Namine’s stranger-shyness, of course, is in the hospital. Namine greets every nurse and doctor with a loud “HI I’M NAMINE WHO ARE YOU WHAT ARE YOU DOING!”

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