Afternoon at the zoo

Jessica, Namine, and I took a chance with the weather yesterday afternoon.

According to the forecast, it was supposed to rain. The dark clouds certainly seemed to agree. But we decided to go to the zoo anyway, figuring that we could always leave and go ride the train at the mall or something if the weather turned foul.

I forget which animal Namine had been most excited to see, but by the time we got there, she changed her mind. A girl’s prerogative, right? She wanted to see the polar bear, whose exhibit was quite a ways from the entrance.

We stopped to look at the animals on the way to the polar bears. It’s a rare thing to see the moose doing anything but laying down, so this was pretty cool.

When we got to the elephants, Namine wanted to stand up on her own to see them. We helped her grab onto the bar, but then she pulled herself the rest of the way.

When we got to the polar bears, it was feeding time for the harbor seals, who live just over the wall. That polar bear kept looking over at the fish the zoo employee was feeding to the seals. Or maybe he was looking at the employee.

Before we left the zoo, Namine and I rode on the carousel. Last time we rode, Namine wanted nothing to do with riding something that moved up and down. This time, however, the little daredevil insisted we ride on the dragon.

“Namine,” I said, “you know the dragon goes up and down, right?”

“Yeah, I know. It’s gonna be so awesome!”

As it turned out, a boy ahead of us in line took the dragon. (It did look pretty awesome.) Namine took it in stride, though. She chose a zebra, after confirming with me that it did indeed move up and down. That was important.

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