A new book

Having finished the junior novelization of Frozen, Namine and I have started reading Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.

I haven’t read the book in years. I’ve more recently seen the movie, but even that has been a while — but as it is, the movie departs wildly from the book. As we began the book, I wondered if it might be too advanced for her.

We read the first chapter last night. Before reading the next chapter tonight, I asked Namine some questions about the book so far. She definitely remembered the important points. She remembered that Mrs. Frisby was a mouse, that she no longer had her husband around — although as to why, she did not remember — and that she had children to care for. She thought there were five, not four, but she knew that Timothy, the youngest, was sick and needed medicine.

The chapters in Mrs. Frisby are longer than those in any book we’ve read so far, and she tends to fidget a bit. Despite that, she wants to read it — or be read to, as the case may be. The story of a sick child who needs medicine, be he animal or human, resonates powerfully with her. She knows the necessity of medicine well, and she wants to know how the story ends.

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