Today Namine had a playdate with her friend Norah and I had adult conversation her mom Amanda. We have been trying to go to the zoo for quite sometime, but the weather and the schedules just did not line up until day.

We were supposed to meet at the zoo by 10 but Namine had other plans. She slept until 10. She must have needed it. She is a growing girl. So we got up and got ready and packed a couple of snacks and a sandwich, in case. We left and met the girls in by the penguins and went on from there. It was a good thing that Amanda had popcorn because that is all Namine wanted to eat. We looked at the flamingos, then we went for an exciting journey into the fish house. Namine was fascinated with the Pacu, but I just wanted to jump up and start yelling they are just like their cousins the meat eating piranhas. But I didn’t. I was a good girl. Jeremy from “River Monsters” can tell you all about it. Namine really liked this fish called a Sheepshead fish. I thought the fish that farted in the water when it got agitated was funny.


Whenever we go somewhere that has lizards they are somehow drawn to Namine. They follow her around and they climb the glass when she touches it. It is cool with the little lizards, but not the comodo dragon in Williamsburg. I digress. The zoo was full of people today and it was hard to chase Namine in the crowds and if you know me I don’t run.

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After walking for what seemed like all day and baby Maddie sleeping we decided to ride the train. Everyone loved it. Maddie was especially happy with the wind blowing in her face. Amanda and I had a great time with the kiddos. Namine got flowers from Norah and Amanda got puke from Maddie and I got a nap when we got home:) I think Norah did too. Namine loves playing with her friends and we loved seeing the animals.

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It was a good day to be outside and playing.

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On a side note Namine’s Teacher Ms. Sara is no longer going to be her teacher. She is moving to the high school side of the RVA. We are excited for her but also sad that she is “leaving.”

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