A while ago, Jessica and Namine met with a wheelchair person. (Specialist? I don’t know the official title.) Reason being: Namine’s legs have begun to dangle over the seat.

There was once a time when we didn’t know how much her legs would grow. She was tiny, but her legs were tinier. When she sat upright, you could see her feet, but hardly her legs at all.


It’s amazing to consider how much Namine has grown these past almost-six years. And as she grew, so did her legs — much to the surprise of her doctors, and much to the contrary of what they believed would happen. Namine’s first wheelchair was nothing official; we got it from a hand-me-down special needs shop, and it was modified heavily by my aunt.


And now Namine has not only totally outgrown that wheelchair — so much so that she got one built especially for her — but she’s outgrown this one, too. She won’t get another new wheelchair (not yet, anyway), but they will modify it to extend the seat.


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