Taco night

A couple nights ago, we had taco night. When I got home from work, Namine was still doing her schoolwork. They’d gotten kind of a late start, so I started to brown the meat for tacos. I would have preferred fish tacos, but this meat needed to be used before it went bad.

As I was cooking the meat, I listened in on Namine’s lesson. It was about superheroes, and how you don’t need superpowers to be a hero to someone. One of the questions, Jessica read, was: “Who is a superhero in your life?”

Namine promptly answered, “My Daddy!”

Since I’m colorblind, I often have a hard time telling when meat is thoroughly browned. So Jessica took over at the stove, and I watched Namine finish up her last worksheet. She’s been learning about plants, and she had to draw what she had learned about and then dictate to me what to write below it.

She did not want her picture taken.
She did not want her picture taken.

After her school day was done, it was time to eat. But you can’t have tacos without cheese, so I asked Namine if she’d like to help me grate a block of cheddar. Of course I already knew what her answer would be; she loves to help out in the kitchen.


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