Building strength

Namine’s two physical therapists push her hard, but it’s a rare occasion when she complains that they’re not being fair. And this is not one of those times.

I’ve talked at length about how Namine’s own desire to walk is what motivates her, but I think it’s a point well worth reiterating. Namine often does as much as she can, even putting on and taking off her braces. She wants to walk, and the desire shows — even when she has PT with the therapist she dislikes.

Because I so rarely get to accompany Namine to therapy, I am always astounded by the progress she makes in between. After helping her therapist stretch her feet, she walked for over an hour in her walker with only one two-minute break.

For some reason, Namine does not like Miss Stephanie, one of her two physical therapists. We don’t know why. It used to be that she would have a panic attack so severe that she would throw up. As the panic attacks lessened, she would simply stonewall and refuse to work for her. Now, she is at least willing to work — but she will not go on the treadmill. For Leslie, Namine will go on the treadmill with a smile. But not for Stephanie.

But as long as she can get some measure of work out of Namine, Stephanie has her walk around the room and pick up objects. Sometimes they’re toys, but this time they were blocks, which the occupational therapist later had Namine string together. Bending over at the waist while still standing is not easy, and Namine still sometimes requires an extra hand to keep her from falling. She still can’t bear her full weight on just her legs.


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  1. Yes, yet. With her determination, it will be soon.

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