For some time, Namine has tossed and turned in her bed. We went mattress shopping last week with the intention of finding something more comfortable, but the solution ended up being much simpler.

We might have gone mattress shopping, but it would have been little comfort, even if we had found something worthwhile. Namine has a sleep study scheduled, and we didn’t want to buy anything until the results from the study had come back. The purpose of the study is simple: to find out how Namine is sleeping, and whether or not she’s sleep-walking. Or sleep-crawling, as the case may be.

Before I continue on with the present day, let me give you a little background.

When I first transformed Namine’s crib into a toddler bed (an even fraught with frustration and swearing), she was quite happy. Such happiness was short-lived, however, because she kept falling out. This was a concern magnified by her fragile legs, and we spent many a night in the ER to determine if she’d broken something. She never had, fortunately, but I believe our concern was never misplaced. Both of her femurs have been broken in the past, and a healed broken bone will break more easily in the future.

Namine’s rolling around in bed was, to use a technical term, nuts. There was a time, long ago, when she couldn’t roll over at all. (It was a time of trache cares and g-tubes, so it’s been at least two and a half years, maybe three since then.) Maybe she was making up for lost time, because even guard rails, pillows, and stuffed animals couldn’t prevent her from rolling out of bed. We eventually took the bed frame out of the picture altogether, opting instead to put her mattress on the floor.

When Namine sleeps over at my mom’s house, she sleeps in a toddler bed and doesn’t roll. When we spend the night up at my aunt’s house, she sleeps in a toddler bed and doesn’t roll. She might flop around a little, but she has never fallen out. She reserved that for her own bed, and we didn’t know why.

So we went mattress window shopping. (Do I need a hyphen in there somewhere?) Namine’s current mattress is the same plastic-wrapped mattress that all cribs and toddler beds come with at Target. Given how much she likes sleeping in our bed, we knew we were looking for something softer than her current mattress.

The salesperson at MattressFirm kept standing very close to Jessica and inhaling loudly. I think he was trying to smell her hair. At any rate, we didn’t spend much time there.

The salesperson at Verlo was much more helpful, and much less creepy. He didn’t try to push us into a sale, and he remained very much engaged in conversation with us even after we told him that we weren’t going to buy anything that day. As for Namine’s current mattress, he offered a suggestion: wrap it in a thick blanket or quilt to offer some extra padding. That evening, Namine and I did just that.


Namine was thrilled to be a part of helping to make her mattress more comfortable. Once the mattress was wrapped in a quilt, she helped me get the fitted sheet on like she always does when we make her bed. “It’s much more comfy now, Daddy,” she told me.


Namine’s rest appears to be much more peaceful since we wrapped her mattress in a quilt. She still rolls around — she’s even rolled out of bed a couple times since we added the quilt — but it is much less frequent than before. I used to find her completely on the floor, sometimes halfway across her room. We’d still like to get her a new mattress, of course, even if it’s only a mattress and not a bed frame as well, but at least now she appears to be getting better rest in the mattress she has.


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