I’ve been writing a lot about how Namine is regaining strength in her arms and legs, and I think that’s awesome. It’s crazy to think that it’s already been nearly six months since the Fontan.

I think Namine has more strength in her legs now than she did before the Fontan, and her arms are close. We used to play “wheelbarrow” – in which I would lift her legs, and she would pedal around the apartment on her arms – and it wasn’t long ago that she could barely go a few steps. But just a couple days ago we went all the way from in the kitchen to the living room, shouting and laughing.


Over the weekend, Namine decided to try jumping. I’m not talking about bouncing on her bed; she does that all the time, and it’s not really jumping. No, she actually lifted her legs in the air, while her hands remained planted on the floor.


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