A cold attitude

Please note that if you haven’t seen Frozen yet, today’s post includes a spoiler.

Last night over dinner, we were talking about movies we liked. It was no surprise to me that Namine mentioned Frozen. So Jessica asked, “what’s your favorite part in Frozen?” I thought Namine would mention one of the songs. She’s been singing Do You Want To Build A Snowman quite a bit lately, so that’s what I expected to hear. But Namine’s response alarmed me.

Tackling the big issues

Daddy, can I sleep in just my underwear tonight?

I knew the question was coming soon. Namine has, for nearly a week now, spent her days in underwear – yes, that’s right, no diaper. Her mind is ready to be rid of the diaper, even if her body is not.

To the doctor, again

We took Namine to the pediatrician. Yes, again. She still has a nasty-sounding cough — even after being on steroids to help with inflammation, antibiotic, increased inhalers, and a nebulizer — and the persistent bugger shows no sign of letting up.

Potty training

Potty training is hard to nail down in the best of circumstances. But add to the normal stress between parent and child the possibility – nay, the likelihood – that said child might not be able to have sufficient bladder control at all, well, things might get interesting. Then again, everybody involved might just learn something new.

Deep breaths

Namine had a pulmonology appointment today. Getting the appointment set was stressful enough, to say nothing of the fact that we needed to make sure Namine’s lungs were okay. There’s no reason for alarm, though; Namine is fine, and the doctor was content with increasing her inhaler dose and prescribing an anti-inflammatory. Getting to this point was a bucket and a half of crazy, though.