February 2014

  • A cold attitude

    A cold attitude

    Namine’s favorite part of Frozen surprised me.

  • Frozen and yogurt

    Frozen and yogurt

    On Saturday we went out with one of our friends from school for lunch and a movie. But not just any movie, we went to see Frozen again.

  • Doing a body good

    Doing a body good

    In an effort to enable Namine a little more in the kitchen, we invested in a Brita water filter. But we’re not using it for water. We’re using it for milk.

  • You can’t stop the playdate train

    You can’t stop the playdate train

    Namine’s friend Norah is her total opposite. Namine is content to sit in one spot for long periods of time. Norah, on the other hand, is constantly go go go — which is quite a switch for us.

  • Tackling the big issues

    Daddy, can I sleep in just my underwear tonight? I knew the question was coming soon. Namine has, for nearly a week now, spent her days in underwear – yes, that’s right, no diaper. Her mind is ready to be rid of the diaper, even if her body is not.

  • To the doctor, again

    To the doctor, again

    We took Namine to the pediatrician. Yes, again.

  • Rug burns are awesome

    Rug burns are awesome

    Physical therapy has always been a part of Namine’s life, and it always will be. She has to work harder to do things that just come naturally to other children.

  • Out for a Monday drive

    Out for a Monday drive

    On my lunch break today I drove out to the medical supply store to pick up a nebulizer kit for Namine. This is the sad story of why I came back empty-handed, and more!

  • Potty training

    Potty training

    Potty training is hard to nail down in the best of circumstances. But add to the normal stress between parent and child the possibility – nay, the likelihood – that said child might not be able to have sufficient bladder control at all, well, things might get interesting. Then again, everybody involved might just learn…

  • Deep breaths

    Deep breaths

    Namine had a pulmonology appointment today. Getting the appointment set was stressful enough, to say nothing of the fact that we needed to make sure Namine’s lungs were okay. There’s no reason for alarm, though; Namine is fine, and the doctor was content with increasing her inhaler dose and prescribing an anti-inflammatory. Getting to this…

  • Lies, damned lies, and IEPs

    Lies, damned lies, and IEPs

    We thought we were past the lunacy of IEPs. We were wrong.

  • Namine on her Radio Flyer bike

    Just last week Namine couldn’t even move while on her Radio Flyer bike. No longer – she straps it on and gets it done.