Last night, Jessica was so tired from the crazy day that she crashed in bed right after dinner. So by the time Namine was getting ready for bed, she was fast asleep.

Some time ago, Jessica and I got ourselves electric toothbrushes. Jessica soon found out that using it actually gives her a headache, so she switched back to a regular toothbrush. We ended up giving Namine the electric toothbrush. It turns out that she likes it. She calls it her “swirly” toothbrush.

So last night Jessica was asleep by the time Namine had to brush her teeth. I closed the bedroom door so the noise from Namine’s toothbrush would disturb Jessica as little as possible. (This still might be futile. Jessica sleeps very lightly. I, on the other hand, sleep like a rock. In order to wake me up, my parents would send my brother and sister into my room to literally jump on me. It still took a while.)

Namine surprised me. With no prompting from me, she just started brushing her teeth the old fashioned way. When she was done, before she picked up the floss she said to me, “Mommy is sleeping, so I didn’t want to use the swirly part of my toothbrush, because that would wake her up.”

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