Yesterday afternoon Namine had a follow-up appointment with her cardiologist. Despite the long road of recovery, her chest incision is finally healing.

Before the appointment, though, Namine had to get a chest x-ray. It makes me a little sad, sometimes, to think that this is so routine that she looks forward to having an x-ray. She even likes having CT scans. All that aside, though, the x-ray was uneventful. Namine loves having her picture taken, and to her, having an x-ray is nothing more than that.

As for the cardiology appointment itself? It, too, was uneventful. We already knew that her chest incision was no longer red, that it had stopped draining since they cleaned it out. But there’s one spot on the scar that concerned me; it was still a scab, and at a glance appeared to be an opening, even though nothing drained from it. The cardiologist confirmed that it was just a scab, nothing more; perhaps a little slow to peel off, but nothing to worry about.

Even better news is that her chest – not only the sternum, but also the surrounding muscle and tissue – has healed enough for us to pick her up from under her arms again. This also means that Namine can resume her therapy in her walker. Not only that, but she can crawl, scoot, and climb with impunity once again.


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