I’m not a fan of surprising Namine with doctor visits. She knew that she had an appointment with her pediatrician this afternoon, but she didn’t know any details. She certainly didn’t know that she would be getting vaccinated, and I wasn’t about to tell her.

We don’t keep many secrets from Namine, and she’s proven repeatedly that – for the most part – she can handle it. But the one thing she does not do well with is the anticipation of needles (be they injections or blood draws). She’s improved considerably with regard to blood draws, but she still fears getting a shot like it’s the devil himself.

Namine had occupational therapy this morning, then she and Jessica visited me for lunch. After we ate, Jessica and Namine left to go to the doctor. Namine wasn’t apprehensive, but the moment she heard Jessica mention “vaccine” on the phone, she promptly threw up. She cried some more at the doctor, but she didn’t throw up again. Once it came down to the moment, though, she handled herself like a champ – proving once again that the anticipation and worry are worse than the actual event.


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