Sharpteeth don’t wear pants

Namine has a tendency, when she’s wearing pants that aren’t denim, to scoot right out of them. But I have this weird insistence that pants be worn for dinner. So I said, “Come here, honey. Let’s get your pants back on.” She growled playfully at me. “Sharpteeth don’t wear pants!”

The palatal lift prosthesis is a mouthful

I mentioned yesterday that the last big thing is to reschedule Namine’s palate prosthetic fitting. She had the measuring before the Fontan, and had to postpone the fitting due to all the complications involved with Namine’s chest incision from that surgery. But not only did they finally return our calls, they wanted to do it today.

Dentist appointment

Namine sees many different doctors, for many different things. A given week can easily be full of appointments – not a single day of staying home, for the most part. Today, though, was Namine’s most feared visit: the dentist. At least, that’s what we thought.

My daughter, the dinosaur

Today Jessica, Namine, my mom, my dad, and I went to Discover the Dinosaurs, an exhibit at the State Fair Expo Center. It was pricey, but well worth the cost of admission. Like myself, Namine loves dinosaurs. Whenever the animatronic dinosaurs come back to the Milwaukee Zoo, Namine insists on seeing them, so this was an opportunity we couldn’t miss.