Open letter to Rise Against

Tim McIlrath and Neil Hennessy,

I want to thank you for the song “Swing Life Away.” It has been an anthem of sorts for both me and my daughter, Namine. She was born with several birth defects, some so severe that doctors informed us, prior to her birth, that she would probably not survive long enough to go home.

You can’t win them all

You can encourage kids to play together, but you can’t make them get along. Not everyone is willing to learn, to compromise, to share; not everyone is open to the idea that different is not bad.

Blood on the sheets

Every morning, before I leave for work, I move Namine from her bed to “the big bed” (her name for Jessica’s and my bed). This morning, as I picked her up, I noticed two things: blood on both her bed sheet and her nightgown.

Late-night scare

Last night, when I was getting Namine ready for bed, I noticed something: the scab over the incision on her chest was half gone. What’s more, she had a nickel-sized bruise. It hadn’t been there that morning, of that I was sure. We immediately got on the phone with the hospital’s special needs and cardiology departments.

Homemade donuts

Don’t they look good? I donut know which one I liked best. (And I don’t apologize for the bad pun.) We won a little donut maker at the KidReach picnic, and yesterday Jessica and Namine made some.