Bowling and frozen yogurt

Today we took Namine bowling. We’ve played with her bowling set at Aunt CR’s house before, but this was her first time at a bowling alley. Fortunately for us, the alley had a wheelchair ramp and a special slide to make it easy for someone in a wheelchair to send the ball down the lane.

Namine’s shoulder

We heard from one of Namine’s doctors yesterday. He called to inform us a bit about her right shoulder, which we recently discovered is not bad because of multiple line placements, but rather because of a birth defect.

Steampunk foxes

Before dinner, Namine asked me how to draw a fox. I don’t really draw realistic things, like, at all, so I quick sketched out what seems to be a cat with a fox’s tail. No matter; it was good enough for Namine, and she sketched out a fox of her own. I thought it was pretty good.

What matters most

Yesterday we found out that Namine’s most recent x-ray shows evidence of a congenital defect in her right shoulder. This was discovered by a tech, not a doctor, which surprises me. Of the thousands (yes, I have no doubt the number is in the thousands) of x-rays Namine has had done, this has not once been found until now, more than five years after her birth.