… and it’s about time. I had begun to wonder if they’d forgotten all about it. I decided to check out Google’s official Chrome app again, in case they’d added anything new, like maybe account switching. They haven’t. (Account switching, by the way, is supported in my extension. Just sayin’.)

My wife and I use Catch Notes on a regular basis. (Or, at least we did. I’ll get to that in a moment.) Catch is nice; it’s free, simple, and it allows collaboration. So my wife can start a shopping list, and I can edit it and check things off when I stop at the store on the way home. Just as an example. Unfortunately, while Catch is convenient, it’s also shutting down on August 31, which means I’ve been looking for a replacement.

I’ve checked ’em all out: Evernote, Springpad, Hashnotes, Wunderlist, and more. Nothing is as good as Catch for what I want. Either there’s way too much and it lags my stupidly slow phone or it doesn’t allow collaboration. I would jump to solely using Keep in a heartbeat if it did collaboration, but it doesn’t. But then, inspiration struck.

Google has this thing called multiple account sign-in. This means you can easily switch between accounts on the fly, and guess what? My Keep extension accounts (that’s a pun, ha ha) for it.

I created a new Google account, one that my wife and I can share. After creating the account, I set it up on both my phone and my wife’s. Then I disabled the sync on the account for everything except Keep (this is really just to limit the amount of battery drain more than anything else).

It’s slightly more cumbersome, but to me, Keep is the ideal quick-note-taker app. It’s fast, even on our crappy phones, it can do notes and checklists, and now (with yesterday’s update to the app and website) it can do timed alerts and locations, too. And now, with a little extra effort, it can do collaborated notes as well.

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    1. Unfortunately, Google has not exposed any API for Keep that I’m aware of. I think it’ll have to be done manually; that’s what I did.

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