“Namine, do you want cake for dinner?” “No.” “Do you want cookies for dinner?” “No.” “Do you want pizza rolls for dinner?” “Oh, yes yes yes!” That’s my girl.

Fear is a choice

I don’t need my moon on tonight. I’m not afraid of the dark. Namine’s “moon,” a night-light that hangs from her ceiling, has often provided comfort and a little light for Namine while she goes to sleep. Some nights she still asks for it to be left on, but most nights she doesn’t need it. […]

Crazy days

With Jessica’s mom in the hospital, that’s where we’re spending nearly all of our free time. We did manage to get away for a little while, though, to have my grandparents over for dinner. After dinner, my grandpa played with Namine on the floor.

I am you

The other night, we watched The Lorax. And a thought occurred to me: the elder characters have their counterparts, their other, if you will, to whom the same choice was presented. The other simply chose differently.