January 2013

  • Cardiology appointment

    Cardiology appointment

    Visits to the cardiology clinic, in my opinion, never get easier. The crux of the matter is that we’re talking about an event that no one can predict: open heart surgery. Unless you or a loved one have gone through it, you simply cannot feel the weight, the gravity of it.

  • A little vomit to the face builds character

    A little vomit to the face builds character

    Yesterday, I was going to go to the doctor for a general checkup. I have a busted blood vessel in my eye, which the optomotrist discovered during an eye exam. The blood leaking into my eye is not a cause for concern, in and of itself. The eye absorbs the blood back into my body,…

  • Those were my pretzels!

    Those were my pretzels!

    Yesterday was an “ignore all the housework that we really should do and just do nothing as a family” kind of day. It was a great day to just spend time together – just me, Jessica, and Namine.

  • Death is a part of us

    We are strange creatures, of that there is no doubt. We spend our entire lives speeding toward death, yet we refuse to give it any but the meagerest of attention. We find so many ways to ignore it; yet, in the end, ignored or not, acknowledged or not, we must embrace it.