November 2012

  • Love’s bravery

    Namine is afraid of the doctor’s office. When she has an appointment, she throws up; it’s a rare occasion indeed when she doesn’t. Knowing this, though, makes the reassurance she gave to Jessica all the more special.

  • IEP, again

    IEP, again

    Jessica and I had the IEP meeting – reevaluation? I’m not sure exactly – this morning. So we had a choice: either bring Namine with us at 7:45 this morning, or get someone to watch her. My mom was kind enough to come over and stay with her. The meeting didn’t take too long, fortunately,…

  • Gribbles


    Every once in a while, Namine will say something that we don’t understand. Some time ago, one such word was “appawooby.” We could not, for the longest time, figure out what it meant. We eventually figured it out: it meant “that would be.” She was saying an approximation of when we say it quickly, “tha’wou’be.”…

  • A language all our own

    A language all our own

    When Namine was little, she had to have a trach. It was what allowed her to survive, before she was big enough to withstand the jaw distraction and cleft palate repair surgeries. Even then, it took some time before she was able to be rid of the trach. During that time, we – all three…

  • To the ER we go

    To the ER we go

    The day before yesterday, we took Namine to the doctor. She’s had a pretty phlegmy cough for about a week now, and the antibiotic didn’t really seem to do the trick. Then yesterday saw us in the ER, something we’d been trying to avoid – but you do what’s best for your child, no matter…

  • A rare Political Post appears!

    Jessica and I voted tonight, and I hope by now that you have too. Of course we brought Namine with us, and let me tell you right now: you can only explain so much about democracy to a four year old.