Playing with the band

We always enjoy going to the Children’s Hospital Special Needs Picnic. Maybe I don’t need to capitalize all that, but that’s how I see it in my head. It’s important enough to us to merit the capital letters. To us, anyway.

It’s always nice to see our friends again. And it always strikes me as amazing: we are all families who have endured – and still endure – adversity unlike anything anyone could imagine. You would have to have gone through it. We say hi to each other, and we never mention it, but we don’t have to. We know. We silently acknowledge each small success, for each success is a milestone, and we know we are better for having known each other.

Of course Namine got her face painted again at the picnic. She changed it up a bit, though. Instead of a butterfly, she had fairy wings. (Girls. I know, right?)

During the latter part of the picnic, a band came and played. They handed out musical instruments to everyone, and Namine had a fantastic time shaking her maraca. They even let her come up on the stage (which had a ramp, so she was able to get herself up there in her wheelchair) to play.

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