Surgery next week

Okay, next week’s – um, let’s go with procedure – should be pretty low-key. The key word there is should, because Namine’s feet have seemingly had nothing but complication every time they’re under the knife. Hopefully this coming Tuesday will be different, however.

Fear and acceptance

Namine’s feet are quite a sight to behold, if one is not prepared. They used to scare her. She would cry at the sight of them, and could only be consoled when they were once again covered up. It took some getting used to – and not just for her – but Namine’s resiliency ever amazes me.

Even more surgery

Namine’s final skin graft for her left foot has been scheduled for the third of next month. After that, both feet can be casted, and, God willing, only three or four months remain before she can resume walking, standing, climbing, and getting into all manner of shenanigans once more.

Finally home

Namine was discharged last night – huzzah! Jessica’s sister Chyral helped us bring all the stuff home from the hospital. Good thing, too, because we would have been hard pressed to fit it all into our little car.