One step closer to home

Time stands still in the hospital. But at the same time, the days rush by in a blur. The days go by; every day seems the same, but every day Namine regains a little more strength, a little more energy, a little more of herself. Every day passes, and it passes slowly, but every day brings us one day closer to going home.

At last, relief

Namine is out of surgery. She will be brought back up to the ICU soon, and she is doing well. The artery in her left foot has been grafted once more and is profusing nicely, and there has been no tissue loss.

Complications: an update

Just got another update from the operating doctor. Namine’s left foot is receiving enough oxygenated blood with the one vessel, so the vascular team does not need to try to fix the one that got cut. She has not needed any blood transfusions, and is doing well.


We just received an update on Namine’s foot surgery, and it’s not good. The artery in the top of the foot was cut during the removal of the talus, and she’s lost circulation to the top of her foot. (She still has circulation to the bottom of her foot.) The vascular team has been called in to try to fix it. I will post more when we have news.

Foot pre-surgery

Since I woke Namine up this morning, she’s been excited. She knows – well, knew, since she’s been taken back for surgery now – what’s coming, and what it means. I’ll let her tell you in her own words: “I’m having foot surgery today, so I can have my feet fixed and I can walk better!”

Massive ear infection

Namine woke up screaming this morning around 4:00. Then she threw up – but by then she was in my arms, and I was prepared for it. We eventually got her to go back to sleep, nestled in between the two of us in what Namine calls “the big bed.” (You know, as opposed to “my very own bed.”)

Upcoming surgery

Namine’s foot surgery is scheduled for May 22. We pray that it won’t be put off any longer; Namine’s feet are now in so much pain that she’s no longer walking in therapy.