Pajama day

Between therapy and doctor & clinic appointments, Namine is one busy kiddo.

She and Jessica are running around so much that by the time I get home from work, the two of them are fast asleep out on the couch. It’s fallen to me to make dinner for the past few days – not that I mind. Yesterday and today, however, were blessedly empty of appointments, so Jessica and Namine had a couple pajama days.

Namine works hard. Seriously, she has more work ethic than most adults I know. Heck, on top of improving her walking, speech, and wheelchair-ing (sure, that’s a word) – all under the direction of her fantastic therapists – she taught herself to jump. She’ll stand using anything she can find, and she absolutely loves to climb. (No small source of stress at times, let me tell you.)

But equally important is relaxation. Everybody needs a break, a vacation, a rest from the everyday hectic schedule. Namine is definitely no exception – in fact, I would suggest that she is more deserving than most. So it was nice that she and Jessica could just relax at home for a couple days.

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