March 2012

  • Round and round we go

    Round and round we go

    The most frustrating thing, I think, about Namine being a quote-unquote “special needs child” is not her medication, fragile immune system, or even doctor appointments. Perhaps a year or two ago I would have said differently, but now that she is stable, it’s dealing with the school system.

  • School tour

    School tour

    This afternoon Jessica, Namine, and I will be touring what we hope will be Namine’s new school. We’ll see. Hopefully this time around her teacher(s) won’t partition her off as “Special Needs” without understanding what it is that she truly needs, in terms of education and activity.

  • Well, it’s normal for us

    Well, it’s normal for us

    Today is Namine’s first full day back home, having been discharged from the hospital yesterday morning. Today was our Saturday – by that I mean we spent the day cleaning and grocery shopping – but despite how sore and tired she must still be, it was a very good day.

  • Language of the heart

    To me, music is the perfect language. Beyond mere words, it speaks to us is crescendos and valleys, an ever-changing, liquid speech that allows us to convey what we can scarcely articulate. Through a haze of pain and confusion, music allows me to reach Namine’s heart. To stop the fear, the tears, and all this…

  • Heart cath successful

    The good news about Namine’s heart cath is that the results are quite positive. The things her doctors feared do not exist, or are minor enough to not be cause for alarm – but more on that in a bit. The bad news – if it can be called that – is that she has…

  • Tomorrow is the day

    Tomorrow is the day

    Well, we have the official word from Day Surgery for tomorrow’s procedure, Namine’s heart catheterization.

  • Heart cath

    Heart cath

    I think we are getting closer to her third heart surgery, but we may not be there yet. She had some appointments this morning. Jessica was going to come and eat lunch with me after the doctor stuff, but Namine said she was tired and wanted to go home and rest.