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February 2012

Party time

Namine – well, all of us, really – had a very busy and eventful day on Sunday. But fun. That’s important, especially on the weekend. I know that after no nap and three and a half hours of very active play, she was pretty tired. She dropped off to sleep within about five minutes of tucking her in.

Past the fear

I have a lot to catch up on, what with a busy, full weekend to catch up on. That being said, I’m going to split this stuff up into a few posts. I’m sure no one wants to read a novel. ;)

Cardiology visit

This morning we took Namine to see her cardiologist. This was to see when she should have her heart cath, and to look to the future: the Fontan.

Sick time

Namine and I now apparently have what Jessica had last week. I thought that I had gotten the worst of it, but Namine woke up with a crouping cough this morning. Despite her being sick, though, she nearly always keeps it together and stays cheerful.

Hope and heartache

I read this morning – I don’t have the link anymore, so sorry – that February is Special Needs Awareness Month. I’ve seen this kind of thing perpetuated all over on Facebook, and 90% of the time it’s not really Whatever Awareness Time Period. But I saw this on Twitter, not Facebook, so it must be true. Right?

Father-daughter time

It’s not often that I get to accompany Namine to therapy, let alone take her all by myself. With Jessica and Namine both feeling under the weather, I took the day off a couple days ago – and the afternoon yesterday – so Jessica could relax, recharge, and just get some rest.

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