Last week Namine had a blood draw in order to check for things. Things that would explain her recent lethargy and lack of appetite. Friday evening we got a call from the pediatrician, who said that there is nothing to indicate sickness. The next step? Contact cardiology at Children’s Hospital.

I’d would like to think our friendly neighborhood cardiology clinic has their sh- stuff in order. Imagine our surprise, then, when we found out they didn’t. Jessica called them earlier today, relaying what Namine’s pediatrician told us: that she felt she (that is, Namine) should see her cardiologist. They – cardiology – told Jessica they couldn’t help her, and that the pediatrician should have called, not Jessica.

Whatever. So Jessica called the pediatrician back, who in turn tried to call cardiology. Apparently this went on for the majority of the day, and the pediatrician received no response from them. Le sigh. They eventually got through, thankfully, and Jessica was once again allowed to talk directly with cardiology. The question of Namine’s cardiac catheterization came up, to which cardiology responded, “What catheterization?”

For several months – at least – it’s been on our schedule that at the end of February 2012, Namine has a heart cath. Cardiology, on the other hand, seems to have no knowledge of this whatsoever. (It was at this point when I started to tear out what little hair I have left.)

I’ll just leave all that in the past, though; at this point, cardiology now knows that Namine needs to be seen as soon as possible, which was of course the entire point. They’re closed now, but tomorrow we hope to talk to Namine’s cardiologist himself. He might just want to see Namine; he might want to just do the cath and get it done. As much as I dread the cath – as stressful and potentially dangerous as it is – I think to get it done and be done would be best. Namine was already scheduled for one, anyway.


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