Snow for Jesus

Today was quite a busy day. I only had a half day of work, which actually went by rather quickly. (It’s a rare thing when I get to just work on front-end code, so that was awesome.) Jessica and her sister Chyral, with Namine in tow, picked me up from work. From there, we went to the mall in order to finish our Christmas shopping. Crazy, right? Yes. Yes, it was.

Cleft palate clinic

I can never remember if I’m supposed to refer to Dr. Denny’s team as the “cleft palate team” or just the “palate team.” I imagine it’s the latter, since the good doctor does all sorts or palate work. But since Namine had a cleft palate, that term just sort of stuck with us. At any rate, Namine had a clinic with them yesterday.

A night of cookies and meat

We had a nice night – “we” being Jessica, myself, Namine, Auntie Chyral (who can once again go by her real name now that Namine can say it), and our neighbors (Leah, Mike, and their daughter Alyssa). When Chyral and I arrived at my apartment this evening after work, the cookie-making session was already in full swing.

Hospital time

On Friday Jessica had a bone marrow biopsy. Let me back up a bit. Her platelets have been low for some time – for several years, if the doctor is correct. This had never come to our attention; so Jessica had to have a blood test done. Its results were inconclusive, thus the biopsy.

Potty talk

Namine and I have a nightly routine. I give her a bath and she gets to play for a while (just how long depends on how early she gets in) – sometimes she wants me to play with her, sometimes not – she takes her medicine, we pray with Jessica, and she goes potty. Then it’s off to bed. Tonight, just after getting off the potty, Namine showed me once again what a sense of humor she has.