An ear miss

Oh, don’t look at me like that. I couldn’t help it. Anyway, Namine had an impromptu ENT clinic visit yesterday. The night before, we thought we saw some drainage, much to our dismay. So we took her in.


Last week Namine had another (yes, another) ENT clinic appointment. Since Jessica was busy being The Amazing Human Taxi for her mom, it fell to me to take the munchkin to the hospital. Of course, I’d gladly do so anyway.

If the glass has any liquid at all

You hear that there are two kinds of people: “glass half full,” and “glass half empty.” Which kind you are, well, that could be determined by your personality type. But experiences can change people, and it would easy – too easy, perhaps – to allow negative experiences to change a positive person into a negative one.

School’s out

Jessica and I have decided to pull Namine out of school. It’s not a decision we come to lightly, but we believe it is the right choice. We have thought much on the matter, and we feel that it is in Namine’s best interest to homeschool her, instead.

On disability

Namine has physical therapy. She works on a variety of things: from increasing her shoulder range to crossing center, from walking forward and backward to stepping from side to side. Namine has formed a close bond – a kinship, if not perhaps a friendship – with her many therapists. She works hard for them (most of the time), and she proves every day to them – and of course to us – that she has not come so far without an iron will.

Potty time

I haven’t had the chance to post anything lately other than updates on Namine’s ear goings-on. But now that she’s on some medication once again, she seems to be doing well. She’s still got a little drainage and bleeding, but it no longer seems to be out of control as it was last week. Namine has started potty training and it is more her idea than ours.