Father-daughter time

Every night, Namine and I have a routine. She gets a bath, then she takes her medicine.

Since Namine still has a sinus infection, she has to take this antibiotic, Amox-Clav. (Namine calls it “Ah-mah claf.”) It has to be taken with a little food, so it’s become a little tradition for her to have a couple Golden Oreos (which she prefers to the normal ones, a child after my own heart) along with her medicine.

The other night, I drew up Namine’s meds and put the syringes and Oreos on a plate next to her. Sometimes she likes to be given the meds, and sometimes she likes to do it herself. That night was definitely a do-it-herself kind of night. She gave herself all of her medicine before eating the Oreos (which you might find remarkable in and of itself, but to me it’s normal), and I took the opportunity to finish up the dishes.

As I did the dishes, I turned on some music on my phone and put it on the counter. A song that Namine likes came on, so she asked me to pick her up and dance. So I picked her up and we danced together until the song ended. As I put Namine down, she grabbed another Oreo off her plate and held it up to me. “Want to share my Oreo, Haha?” Well, if you insist. So we sat there, just the two of us, bobbing our heads to the music and eating Oreos. It was as perfect a time spent with my daughter as any I could ask for.

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    Michele Eiche

    I love this!!

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