Father-daughter time

Every night, Namine and I have a routine. She gets a bath, then she takes her medicine. Since she still has a sinus infection, she has to take this antibiotic, Amox-Clav. (Namine calls it “Ah-mah claf.”) It has to be taken with a little food, so it’s become a little tradition for her to have a couple Golden Oreos (which she prefers to the normal ones, a child after my own heart) along with her medicine.

Fatherly duties

Tonight I introduced Namine to one of the games on my PS3: Flower. It’s a relaxing, motion-controlled game, and Namine picked up the concept easily enough – tilt the controller up to go up, tilt down to go down, and so on. See the video after the jump.

It’s officially autumn

You know fall has arrived when everybody gets sick. Well, it’s here for the Eiche household. Yesterday morning, Namine woke up from a nightmare at about 6 in the morning. As if that were not bad enough, she also woke up with the croup. You know, it’s kind of funny. We’d gone to church the night before in anticipation of being able to sleep in. Just goes to show you, you can make all the plans in the world, but you can never predict anything. Of course, we know that better than most.

School and therapy

We kept Namine home from school yesterday due to a fever. Because she can’t go to school until 24 hours after a fever, we’ll be keeping her home today as well. We took her temp before bed last night, and it looked like it was going down. Hopefully she’ll be able to go to school tomorrow.

Matters of heart

We let Namine wheel herself into church yesterday morning, and she could not have been happier. For most of the church service, she sat still on the floor, hands folded, and listened to pastor. She also likes to page through the hymnal, looking at the music.

Tragic news

I was going to write about today’s trip to the pumpkin farm – and don’t worry, I will yet – but I have something much more pressing on my mind. I learned tonight through a friend over Facebook that his grandson has died, not yet 13 months old.