There are no gunpowder, treasons, or plots here. Just a little thing called decannulation. That’s right, kids. A year ago, Namine got rid of her trach, and her entire world changed.

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Namine’s decannulation opened up new possibilities. It enabled her to talk – really talk. She struggled with making new sounds, especially consonants, but she did what she does best: persevere. Ever since the trach’s removal, she’s been a nonstop chatterbox.

In the year that’s followed, Namine has broken, time and again, the limitations doctors placed over her head. It was predicted by GI that she would have the g-tube well into third grade, but she got rid of it in May. (And, I might add, at the age of 3, not grade 3.) Did I mention how much she loves to eat?

During the same procedure to remove her g-tube, one of her hernias was also closed. (The other one must remain, since she’s still growing.) Namine stands and climbs on whatever she can – soda boxes, her little table, the couch, you name it. She absolutely loves her wheelchair and has greatly improved her upper body strength with its use.


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