Namine woke herself up this morning – 4:00 in the morning, to be precise – coughing a familiar barking cough. Of course, both Jessica and I were half asleep. (I don’t actually remember running from our room to Namine’s; I’ve just filed that one away as acting on parental instinct.)

Namine coughed herself awake, and with her small airway being what it is and the croup being what it is, she started to panic. When she starts to panic, she throws up. And throw up she did – but fortunately I made it to a garbage can in time. (Well, mostly in time. But a little throw-up is far from a big deal to me; we’ve certainly dealt with worse.)

After she had emptied her stomach on me (such are the things parents go through at times, but the benefits far outweigh the costs!) she calmed down a bit. Jessica and I wrapped her in a blanket, and I took her outside. We looked at the moon together, and she started talking to me a little. When she was calm enough – and, more importantly, no longer coughing – I took her back inside. Once back inside – and after giving her enough water to wash the yuck taste from her mouth – I laid her back in bed. She fell asleep quickly, having exhausted herself.

In the morning – you know, the real morning, when we were actually awake – Jessica called the doctor and got Namine an appointment. Of course, by then Namine was doing pretty well. The doctor, not being familiar with Namine (although she should be because she’s seen Namine before), assumed that it was mucus that caused the croup. But as has been the case every time she’s had croup within the past year, there was no mucus. It is Namine’s small airway, pure and simple. And the occasional croup is just something Namine will have to live with.

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  1. First, the “waking up as you get there”, so with you on that one. Second, the picture at the top of the blog is so awesome. “Ya I got sensors taped to me, who cares.” Lastly, the thought of you all sitting there, under the moon, talking with (not to) her, made me smile.

    Thanks again for sharing


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