Jessica and Namine were running late after therapy this afternoon. So late that Namine would miss half of her school day – although in this case “day” is only two and a half hours. So Jessica gave Namine the choice – go to school, or go home. The answer? “School!”

Namine hates wearing shoes. Well, maybe “hate” is too strong a word. But “strongly dislike” is not quite strong enough, because she will remove her shoes at the first chance she gets. (Of course she can take off her shoes! She can put them on too, but why would she do that?) She gets this from Jessica, who shuns footwear in the house. (In contrast, there’s me: I wear shoes nearly all the time, and only occasionally will I be in the apartment wearing socks. In her three years, Namine can count on one hand the number of times she’s seen my bare feet.)

So Jessica is driving Namine to school, and Namine decided that she’d had enough of her shoes. So she started to remove them. Jessica saw her doing so, and told her that if she wanted to go to school, she had to leave her shoes on. If she took her shoes off, they’d have to go home.

Namine left her shoes on, of course.

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