Ear infection

Namine has an ear infection again. Unfortunately, she seems prone to them, especially given that she has pool therapy every week. But it’s a necessary thing, seeing as it was pool therapy that has helped her gain flexibility in her knees and strength in her legs. It was also thanks to pool therapy that she now loves the water as much as she does. I suppose we’ll have to get her used to wearing ear plugs or something.

Three-year checkup

Namine had her three-year checkup yesterday. Namine’s third birthday was just on the 15th of last month, so it was time to have her looked at. And the verdict is good: she weighs over 23 pounds, now – and just think, there was a time when we wondered if she’d ever reach 20! Her overall health is good, and things are looking up. She’s starting school in September, after all.