Home once again

I don’t imagine any of you who read Namine’s blog care for my tendency for long-windedness, so I’ll keep it short. Namine was allowed to come home on Saturday, which was a wonderful surprise. She still has needs medication for the pain, but she’s being quite a little trooper. She’s not allowed to move around until next week, so wish us luck in trying to keep her sitting still for a week.

Tummy surgery: complete

If I had subtitles, it would probably be “The miracle that no doctor could have foreseen.” But I’ll get to that. I’m sitting in the parents’ lounge typing this up because I forgot my laptop. If I hadn’t, I would have posted much, much sooner, because pretty much all Namine is does is sleep. A much deserved sleep, I might add.

Tummy surgery: mid-point

The nurse in the OR just called in to the waiting room to inform us that they finished the g-tube removal and fistula closure. She didn’t say exactly how it went, but we remain optimistic because it only took them about an hour and a half. And they got the IV in on the first try, which is also a good sign. Namine is an incredibly hard stick, and it usually takes two or three tries. I’ll post again once Namine’s hernia repair is done as well.

Tummy surgery: pre-op

Namine has just been taken back into the operating room, so Jessica and I, along with Chyral and her boyfriend, have deposited ourselves into the waiting room. We expect to see more family before the day is out. (I was going to say “morning,” but it’s noon now.) We are told to expect about a three hour waiting period, but Dr. Arca will have a better idea once Namine is opened up so the hernia can be inspected at first hand.

Burning the night oil

Namine is asleep, and I’m banging out my worries on my keyboard. Not much has changed since I last posted; Namine’s surgery is still up in the air, and we won’t know for certain whether it’s happening or not until we arrive tomorrow morning. No one has called to tell us it’s cancelled, however, so… so far, so good.


A couple things might interfere with Namine’s scheduled surgery tomorrow, and for once, neither of them is sickness. Namine has remained pretty healthy – not even a cough or a sniffle – but complications at the hospital might make for a rescheduling or two.

The occasional poop-bomb

It’s the kind of thing that, as a parent, you know in the back of your mind will eventually happen to you – but you still hope it never will. Of course Namine is more prone to, um, “blowouts” (picture me doing fingerquotes), because of her hernia and the intestinal blockages it causes. Then, without warning, the floodgates (poopgates?) open and everything comes out at once. (Hey, this is the unglamourous side of parenting, bud. You’re welcome to skip this post if bathroom talk makes you uneasy.)

Happy Mother’s Day

This post could easily be called “a look at our nearly three years of parenthood.” I know some moms who would not share this day with their husbands for their life, but thankfully Jessica is not like that. We both feel that we would not be as good separate. We would not be complete.

Inchstones to you, milestones to me

Namine made progress in speech last night. As I was getting her out of her bath, drying her off and trying to get the all-too-hyper child into her pajamas, she said to me through shivers: “Haha, I ole!” (Papa, I’m cold!) Then she made a noise she’s never done intentionally: “Kuh!” I asked her if she was trying to say cold. “Uh huh. Kuh! Ole!” Even after some more practice with the hard C sound, she still separates the consonant from the rest of the word. But that’s okay. She only just learned to make the noise, after all.

A magical experience

When Namine was smaller – she’s still small, but this was a lifetime away, when she was still, shall we say, mechanically dependent – we had taken her to a local pizza place called Organ Piper Pizza. They have the most amazing pizza, and the atmosphere is, you eat amazing pizza to awesome organ music. (You can request songs!) We think she was around a year old at that point, but it’s hard to say. But anyway. Namine has always been attentive, aware of her surroundings, but she didn’t then care much for the lights and sounds. There was no real context to the experience, anyway; she didn’t eat pizza (or any real food, for that matter, still being dependent on the g-tube and every-three-hours liquid feeds) and did not care, really, for any noise. Today, however, was different.