I woke up this morning with a headache. Usually, that’s neither here nor there, because I always wake up with a headache. But it’s usually a small one, and it’s usually gone by mid-morning. But this one was a doozy, and it was because I had a nightmare. Nearly all of my nightmares have to do with Jessica or Namine – or both. (This is no surprise to Jessica. As my best friend, she hears my hopes, my fears – and my darkest dreams.) The dreams almost always have to do with the hell we’ve already been through. This time, I dreamed that Namine’s palate had reopened, forming a massive, bloody crater in her mouth. I woke up in a sweat, unable to tell for a moment what was real and what wasn’t.

Thankfully, the world I woke to was much brighter in prospect. For lunch, Jessica and I made breakfast. Pancakes, scrambled eggs, and pepper bacon were our meal. We scrambled seven eggs – Namine helped me whisk them – and Namine herself ate about five of those eggs. Jessica didn’t eat too much of them, and I only got a couple spoonfuls. Namine kept on demanding “Mo Ehh!” (More eggs!) Check out the little nutball shoveling it in.

Namine still has a bit of a cough, but it seems to be going away slowly. She’s got another couple days or so on the current antibiotic, and then that’ll be done with. She seems to be feeling better, anyway.

You know, I know watching their kids eat is not a big deal for most parents. But we’re not most parents. Namine has come such a long way from not being able to even take a bottle. She deserves to pig out a little, especially having lost some of her appetite lately, what with being sick and all. She’s definitely earned it.

I’d say Namine is pretty much cool with her big girl bed now, even though she fell out of it a couple nights ago. We ended up taking her into the ER, just to be safe – she does have a history of breaking bones in her legs, after all – but the x-rays they took of her upper and lower extremities showed no breaks. It’s possible that she’s sore, possibly with deep tissue bruising even, but she’s moving around fine. It’s not like she’d let us know if she was in pain, anyway.

I’ve got more awesome Namine stuff to write about – it was an awesome weekend! – but there’s only so much I imagine you want to have to read in a single sitting, so I’ll post more tomorrow. Until then.


  1. This is beside the main point of the article, I know, but have you ever tried the concept of a nightly ritual (doing the exact same thing every night before you go to bed)? I got into the habit (in my case, it’s drinking a cup of herbal tea) when I started waking up nightly with minor panic attacks. Since I started this not only do I sleep through the night, but I have fewer nightmares and am less likely to wake up with headaches and the like. It’s not a miracle cure, but it might help.

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