I’ve got a confession to make: our Christmas decorations are still up.

We’ve been so busy that we just haven’t had the time to take the tree down or put the decorations back in the garage. Truth be told, when we had the occasional night when Namine isn’t sick (and let’s face it – those have been rare this winter), we’re just too tired to even think about the Christmas decorations, much less actually take them down. Since Easter ever nearer, I’ve taken to calling the tree the Easter Tree. Yes, it’s even capitalized in my head when I think it. The kind of sad part is, though, that all the decorations and boxes and everything are in Namine’s room.

I know, I’m a horrible parent, not even clearing out my daughter’s room for her. In my (sad excuse for a) defense, Namine doesn’t really use her room. Her changing table is at the far end of the living room; we don’t really have use for any medical supplies anymore (which are in a huge set of stacked drawers in her room); and her crib is still in our bedroom. When she wants a book or toy out of her room, we’ll get it for her. So there’s really no reason for the room to be clean.

That may have been true (but I’m probably rationalizing more than any sane person ought), but if so, it won’t be for much longer. Namine is getting older, after all, and I already know she likes to play in her room. Sometimes she likes playing where we can see her (sometimes even allowing us to play with her), but oftentimes she’ll go to the corner of the living room where she can’t be seen if we’re sitting on the couch. Other times, she’ll go to the dark corner of the hallway between bedrooms to play, unseen and content. The girl is more like me than I like to admit, sometimes – she can be a social butterfly around people, but she is a loner at heart. I’m sure she would love to be able to go into her room alone to play.

That’s not the only reason we want to finally clean up her room, either. We’d like to set up a classroom-like setting in the room as well. We can’t do that with the Easter Tree in the way. Jessica is a teacher, after all; an environment conducive to teaching would only benefit both the teacher and the student.

But perhaps the most frightening reason of all is for us to move Namine’s bed into her bedroom. If you want to talk about scary, this is it, right here. Ever since we brought Namine home, we’ve always slept in the same room. True, when she takes a nap, she’s in the bedroom while we’re in the living room or the kitchen, but then, we’re also awake. To be sleeping in a different room is another prospect entirely. To be honest, I don’t know if I’m ready for it, but I think Namine is. She already goes to sleep pretty much on her own terms. (That’s not to say that she decides when we put her to bed; as any parent knows, there’s a huge difference between going to bed and going to sleep.)

Tomorrow we’re going to clean Namine’s room, at long last. I’m going to finally put all that Easter Christmas stuff back in the garage, and we’re going to paint the room. Pink. Namine loves pink. And fairies, princesses, and Batman. That all goes together, right?

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  1. Hooray! I hope it all goes well for the big change! Please let me know details…we still cannot get one little redheaded boy out of our room and into his Green & Brown & Elephants room!

  2. She sleeps fine in her own room at our house. Of course, your dad & I get up every 2 hours (which is really every hour-me at midnight, him at 1am-me at 2-you get the picture!!) to check on her! She never needs anything so I think it’s just hyper vigilance on our part! Oh and the fact that I love watching her, awake or asleep!

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