Well, kids, last night saw us in the ER again. Thankfully, it was a much shorter time than on Tuesday. Dr. Gordon, the head special needs doctor, wanted to see Namine because she’d been lethargic pretty much all day. It’s a pretty good indication that Namine isn’t feeling well when she doesn’t even want to play on the floor, much less scooting around.

Jessica brought Namine to the ER at 6:00, which was good timing because I get off work at 5:30, so I just had my dad drop me off after work. We figured we were in for the typical two hour wait, but we were pleasantly surprised when Dr. Gordon came out and brought us back almost immediately.

He checked Namine’s heart rate and O2, took her weight and blood pressure, and felt her belly. She seemed to be doing okay, so he gave her some apple juice and ordered a blood test.

I don’t think there is anything on this earth that Namine hates and fears more than a blood draw. This time it was only a finger prick, but it still hurt, and she still screamed. Nothing reminds me of how very much I hate myself more than holding down my screaming little love, inflicting pain as she screams no, no, please no.

After the blood draw, Namine was allowed to go home after drinking some more apple juice and some water. We went home, and Namine threw up again. So basically, at this point we’re just trying to keep her hydrated.

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