March 2011

  • Fighting infection

    Yesterday afternoon, Jessica and I took Namine in to see the pediatrician.

  • Keep on rolling

    Jessica and I will be taking Namine to the pediatrician this afternoon.

  • Progress at PT

    Yesterday Namine had physical therapy.

  • Love’s own reason

    Love’s own reason

    Perhaps you’ve heard; perhaps not. The divorce rate for special needs parents, according to word of mouth, is 85%. I’ve also heard 82%. Upon doing some research, though, it’s hard to know where this statistic came from, or exactly how old it is. (With the assumption that the divorce rate goes up each year, that…

  • What does hair mean to you?

    What does hair mean to you?

    Another day, another therapy session. There’s not much going on, aside from the usual. Namine is trying to eat us out of house and home, as usual – and she’s not even three yet! What’s going to happen when she’s a teen? But I digress. Having nothing out of the ordinary on my mind, today’s…

  • Amazing from the ordinary

    Jessica, Namine and I went to a running store yesterday. Jessica needed a pair of shoes with good arch support, physical therapist’s orders. And the shoes with the best arch support are running (or sports in general) shoes. My dad came along to give advice on which kind would be best. I wasn’t needed; only…

  • Preliminary IEP

    This morning was Namine’s pre-IEP IEP. They called it the “preliminary IEP” – more like preliminary waste of time. We talked, we exchanged information, but no real decisions were made. We decided to make decisions, though. Does that count? After the meeting was said and done, nothing was committed. We signed a form or two,…

  • Difficulty speaking

    Namine speaks in nearly all vowels. For whatever reason, she doesn’t make any plosive sounds. That is, B/D/P/T kind of sounds. She can make Ms, Ns (okay, with a little more difficulty), and Ls. But plosives, she can only seem to make when she plugs her nose. Speech therapy was concerned that it wasn’t just…

  • Joint concerns

    Joint problems are really not something you think about with a two year old. But caudal regression has a greater impact than you’d think. It’s not just her lower body that it affects – that is, her hips, legs and feet – but joints, internal organs, and possibly even skeletal density.

  • Mip meam

    The other night, I split a bowl of ice cream with Namine. I topped it with Cool Whip, which she’d been asking for. She’d been asking for “mip meam” (whipped cream) for several days, actually, and I by a stroke of luck I remembered this when I ran to the store the other day to…

  • The day Namine was born

    The day Namine was born

    I’m too stunned. Events are happening too fast for me to react. I have no idea what time it is. I’ve brought my wife into the hospital because labor has started; the day is finally here – our daughter is being born.

  • A successful potty time

    In all the excitement of Namine’s fever and trips to the doctor and hospital, I forgot to tell you about this: Namine went on the potty a couple days ago.