Pool therapy, again

An alternate title for this post could be “crossing our fingers.”

If you recall, the last time Namine went to pool therapy, she came down with a crazy fungal ear infection. She only finished recovering from it not too long ago. She’s still on antibiotics for something else, too, but her ear is at least completely healed. Unfortunately, I was stuck at work during the actual therapy time, so I’ll tell you all about it after Jessica tells me how it went.

We let Namine spend the night over at my parents’ house on Saturday night. To be perfectly honest, it was more of a chance for Jessica and me to recharge and get some “couple time” than anything else. Sometimes you just need a night away.

Anyway, Namine enjoyed herself immensely. She always loves seeing my mom’s cat, which of course she considers her cat (and really, it was a present to both of them; we can’t keep a cat in our apartment, anyway). Over the weekend, Namine actually said, “Munmun! My kishy!” (Bun-bun! My kitty!”)

On Sunday morning, Jessica and I joined my mom, dad, and Namine for church (well, the weather decided to get crazy on us again, so we were a little late) and then we all went back to my folks’ house for breakfast/lunch. Namine stole my bacon repeatedly.

It astounds me how verbal Namine is getting. She still has trouble making her plosive sounds, although she has the occasional success here and there. Despite this, she has no problem blowing raspberries, especially at me. I wonder why that is. But I digress. Last night, Jessica, Namine and I had some of the brownies that Namine and I made last week. Let me amend that. Jessica and I had brownies, Namine had whipped cream.

When we had finished dinner, I asked Namine if she wanted desert.

“Uh huh!”

Every day brings us closer to sending her to school, so now we’re trying to instill in her some more manners. She already says thank you, even out loud now, but she still says “uh huh” a lot. I suppose that’s my fault. Anyway, so I said, “Yes, please,” prompting Namine to do the same.

She bobbed her fist and rubbed her chest, saying, “Yeh, mee.” (Yes, please.)

“Do you want a brownie?”

“Uh huh!”

I put a slice of brownie on Namine’s Elmo plate and brought it out to her. She wanted nothing to do with it. So Jessica asked her, “Do you want some whipped cream?”


There was the enthusiasm we were accustomed to. I put a scoop of Cool Whip on the brownie, but Namine just grabbed a fistful of whipped cream and shoved it into her mouth. When she had cleaned off the brownie, she looked and me and said, “Mo! Mih meeem!” (More! Whipped cream!)

Why not, I thought. I spoil her anyway. So yeah. Namine had whipped cream for desert, and I ate her brownie.

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  1. Your writing is kind of like whipped cream. Sweet and light. Love reading her talking.

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